Wednesday, June 29 2022


SdE project is coming to an end and with this a final training event was held in Seinäjoki, Finland, from 6th to 10th June, 2022. During the meeting, the participants were trained on the topic “evaluation and sustainability”, in particular on how to evaluate the success of a project and its outputs and secure project's sustainability.

A lecture on project evaluation was made by a Research and Development Manager of SeAMK and also a presentation of SdE impact surveys results were made by a Senior Lecturer of SeAMK. These two sessions helped the participants in having an overall picture of the project evaluation and, in particular, on how SdE project impacted on teachers and students in partner schools. These results are also availble on project website, here (

Moreover, during the training it was also organized a Multiplier Event, meaning a dissemination event open to the public, in which SdE project results were disseminated and spread. On this occasion, two keynote speakers presented their sustainability-driven entrerprises, one in fashion sector and one in festivals & events sector. They inspired participants and teachers attending the event on the need to learn and teach more about sustainability in business.

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