Tuesday, January 26 2021


In 2021, SdE project started with focusing on the final steps of SdE study unit creation. Indeed, in the past weeks several online meetings were made in order to define the details of the learning materials on sustainable enterpreneurship.

The 9 partners agreed on creating a study unit made up of six learning outcomes. Each learning outcome is a step that will lead students in deepening different topics related to sustainability and entrepreneurship. Namely, the steps start from analysing each students’ strenghts, then go through the principles of sustainable development and circular economy and then explore sustainability-driven business ideas and business plans and the impact produced by businesses.

To reach different target of students, the study unit is going to be created in three different levels of implementation - understanding, applying and applying in a complex environment.

In next months, from February to April 2021, the partners are going to create and develop the learning materials of SdE study unit. They will meet then in April, still online, to discuss about the final version of the materials. All these materials will be gathered in RESULTS page of SdE Website: https://sdeproject.eu/results/for-students.

Stay tuned for next updates about the contents of the materials!

SdE communication team

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